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As a mom, I know how difficult it can be to find any extra time or effort to put into finding an outfit versatile enough to serve its purpose from “Mom!! I’m hungry!” to “Mrs. Smith, your 1:00 appointment is here”, to ‘Honey, what’s for dinner?’ Which is why I have compiled these three Busy Mom Must-Haves, just for you! If you can spare just a few minutes, we can help get you into a stylish, trendy outfit to kick start each and every day! These three wardrobe basics will provide you with the practical look you require, the effortless look you admire and lastly the functional look you desire.

As busy moms, we’re in and out of the car multiple times throughout the day running errands, carrying more grocery bags than our arms can handle, all while making our best attempt at holding onto our squirmy toddler. We need to be able to move, bend, twist and turn. What we wear on a daily basis must be realistic for our lifestyle. If you were to pick the most practical article of clothing in your wardrobe right now, what would you pick? I’d be willing to bet a vast majority of you said…leggings! Yes! These form fitting garments made a huge impact on the world of athletic apparel with their unlimited flexibility, then quickly became the go-to bottoms for any occasion! Keep that young, trendy look, without compromising your movement! Leggings come in solids and prints. Cropped and tall. These amazing pieces of spandex also come distressed, high-waisted and in velvet! You can wear just about anything with the right pair of leggings. From a simple striped tee, sneakers and a baseball cap, to a silk tunic and wedge peep toes! Additionally, the comfort level is at 100%. Which makes this practical style basic a no brainer. I mean, what other pair of pants can you put on in the morning, get in a yoga session, catch a business meeting, pick the kids up from school, go out for dinner and then wear to bed? Not that I would recommend wearing the same pair for all of those occasions on the same day, but you get the idea!

Additionally, a lot goes on in the morning when you have kids. You wake up, pour yourself a cup of coffee and just as your behind is about to hit the couch to catch the days weather forecast, BOOM! You hear Molly pretending she’s an airplane and in need of an emergency landing. Off her bed! Then there’s Jimmy, who has decided to let his boats out to sea. In the toilet. If there is one task throughout your day that you just can’t put too much time or effort into, it’s your outfit! Which is why every woman should have a t-shirt dress (or a few) in her closet! Dresses are a huge craze this season and the ability to style them casually has allowed for more of an appropriate, every-day outfit choice. Believe it or now, you can wear a dress any time of year, with any accessory hanging in your closet! Layer with a pair of tights, boots and a denim jacket, completing the look with a scarf during the chilly months. Or add a statement necklace, knot the bottom and throw on your favorite keds for a summer day, filled with fun at the waterpark! This style is effortless and often over-looked.

Lastly, when your kids get to an age where they become a bit more independent, your life starts to settle down just enough to enjoy a full cup of coffee in the morning! You no longer have to help them in and out of the car or carry their backpack and you finally have help carrying in all those groceries! This is when your daily attire can become a bit more functional. An absolute mom must-have is a good pair of jeans! Stick with a lighter wash for more of a casual look and consider the darker washes for a more sophisticated & professional look. On occasion you may still find yourself having to pick up Molly because brother Jimmy pushed her and she landed in a puddle. For these cases, you’ll want to make sure your jeans have a bit of stretch to them. After all, no woman likes to feel confined by her attire. A mere 1-2% of spandex is just enough for added comfort when bending down to pick up your screaming 6 year old, full of tears and covered in mud. My personal favorite way to style my jeans are with a cropped hem, a white tee and a pair of wedges. Depending on the weather, I can finish it with nicely tied scarf or a long necklace. This look will take you right from the office to the sideline of the soccer game!

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