DANI’S Showcase
The ultimate collaboration project!

DANI’S was established in July of 2010 and has grown to form great relationships with more than 4000 consigning partners (and still growing daily). We have been approached by many crafters, DIYers & artisans in these last 7+ years requesting to sell their products in our store. While choosing to focus our energy on the growth of our own business for much of this time, we are very happy to announce that we are now ready to share our space with YOU!

We want to partner with other locals that want to grow THEIR businesses.

We have the space. We have developed the following. We have lived through the experience. And we’re ready to share it all with you!


Whether you’re looking to expand your side hustle for extra income or considering the leap of fate and quitting your full time job to pursue your own business adventure – securing a Showcase at DANI’S is the perfect first step!

DANI’S Showcase is designed to give you the tools and space you need to grow your start-up into the business of your dreams, big or small!

As a Showcase Seller, you will have the luxury of selling your very own products inside Bucks County’s favorite resale shop! Each showcase provides a clean area to display your merchandise just the way you like, in your own exclusive space!

The overall safety of your merchandise is kept secure by our trained team-members, along with our shop’s additional safety measures, such as locked showcases and security cameras.

Enjoy the freedom to price and add your very own products directly into our system from anywhere that has internet access! Add new products at your leisure, track your sales, and manage your inventory! Plus, DANI’S supplies and prints your adhesive tags for you to attach to your products, upon arrival. This ensures an overall seamless look for our customers, along with easy barcode scanning at checkout.

Upon enrolling in our Showcase line up, you will receive 24/7 access to your private online account. This unlimited access is live and allows for seamless and efficient inventory management, paired with organized sales information, all essential for any successful business, large or small.

General business tasks play a crucial part in your move to a brick & mortar shop. DANI’S takes care of daily operations from ensuring exceptional service for all customers to the collection and payment of all sales tax collected. The enrollment options offered, also allow you to enjoy the passion of creating your products and earning extra income, without the hassle of long term lease agreements and unknown financial risks.

Additionally, DANI’S is prepared to graciously provide you with the necessary tools to help promote and market your products effectively.

Your products will be seen by our growing list of loyal customers, along with all the loyal customers of your fellow Showcase sellers. Customers will have the ability to shop your products at their convenience, rather than being limited to special vendor events, home parties and Facebook meet-ups. DANI’S convenient store hours are Tuesday through Friday from 10AM-7PM and Saturday 10AM-5PM.

As your products sell, the team at DANI’S will maintain the basic look of your showcase to allow effortless shopping. However, you will want to stop in regularly to ensure your showcase is looking just the way you want! Additional merchandising and display assistance can be provided upon request.

Finally, we would love to share our knowledge and experience in the resale industry to offer you tips and strategies to assist in the growth of your Showcase and business!

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