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Do you see it? All that cash hanging in your closet? We have the ultimate solution to refresh your wardrobe!

DANI’S is here to help you bust through these blocks and get your closet organized and more importantly, get YOU into the styles you love!

You may be facing one, or a few, of the following, what I like to call, closet-roadblocks:

–> Your size is different from those currently in your wardrobe.

–> Your favorite pieces are getting to a point of no return. They are beat up, ripped up and ready for rags!

–> You are lacking the confidence and/or appropriate knowledge of how to complete an outfit you love.

–> You are no longer in love with the styles currently hanging in your closet, therefore, you will not love your look when you put them on.

This is where DANI’S comes in!
Our resale shop offers you not only the option to cash in your closet, but also the ability to update it with super trendy styles you’ll love! Plus, at DANI’S, you’re rewarded when you do BOTH – supply & shop! Here’s how:

Two convenient *Supply* options:
Consign or Sell your cute, casual & contemporary styles at DANI’S! 

–> When you CONSIGN your seasonal, like new fashions, cash out your account any time and receive 40% of the amount your items sold for ~ OR ~ you can refresh your wardrobe with ‘new to you’ merchandise from DANI’S and receive 50% of what your items sell for when you use your consignor account credit! For more information about consigning, click here. Check out all the resources available at to help you make the most of every consignment drop off!

–> Our newest option to SELL your unwanted items, has quickly become a popular one! This convenient method can be done through our very own, Closet Maintenance Bag. Get yourself a CM Bag, fill it up, drop it off and receive your Cash and Store Credit offers sent directly to your inbox! All cash offers are 15-25% of the ticket price and all Store Credit offers are 40-50% of the ticket price. CM Bags are available to purchase online here or from the DANI’S app here. These new CM Bags, along with the innovative service provided, will help maintain your closet, one bag at a time. For more information on getting yourself a Closet Maintenance Bag, click here.

Many fun & easy ways to shop DANI’S:
Find the same amazing cute, casual & contemporary styles from near or far! 

–> Local – our Sellersville location has 3000 sq. ft. of racks organized by size and department, for your shopping convenience. Hundreds of new arrivals hit the floor every Tuesday, but if you want to see it before it goes out, join us in our private *First Dibs* Facebook Group here.
Store hours: Tuesday – Friday 10AM-7PM and Saturday 10AM-5PM.

–> Online – Shop our featured fashions from anywhere, online ~ OR ~ from the DANI’S appDownload it free here. Shipping is always an option to the Intercontinental US for a flat $5 fee or, if you’re local, enjoy FREE in-store pick up.

–> Social Shop – Not only are the outfits posted on our social media pages for style inspiration, but you can ALWAYS shop the look! If there is something used in an outfit or a post that you’re interested in, you are always encouraged to comment, send us a private/direct message right from the post or email us at [email protected] Payment can be made via Paypal and the same shipping options apply! Find amazing outfit ideas and style inspiration by following us on Facebook and Instagram!

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