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I can assure you, DANI’S is like no other resale shop you’ve been to. You can expect to stop in for an average shopping trip, but you’ll leave with a few more friends, even more amazing deals and best of all, you’ll FEEL as beautiful as you ARE! 

We strive to help every woman that visits us, align with her true beauty, which for us means, inside and out. Through a fun & friendly atmosphere. Affordable, recycled fashions. Style tips. And so much more!

What you save at DANI’S is better spent elsewhere…
like, with your family!

Money ~ Affordable, quality fashion is hard to find. Sure, you can find inexpensive clothes just about anywhere, but have you ever wondered why it’s so cheap? Because, it’s low quality merchandise! Spell DANI’S backwards and it reads VALUE. Well, not really, but it should! The popular, new & preowned styles found on our racks are all the most popular brands from your favorite retail shops & specialty boutiques!

Words of advice from Dani ~ Being a fashionista on a budget is NOT easy! However, if you become a savvy shopper, you won’t have to skimp on your style. Trust me, you CAN keep your wardrobe fresh and new without breaking the bank! Not only will our daily deals help keep your wallet heavy, but the savings will allow you to put more toward your next vacation or spa day! Finally, get yourself on the list to receive sales notifications here. Don’t miss out on deep discounts, coupons and more!

Stress ~ Full closet, but nothing to wear?! Now THAT is stressful! What causes those styles to be un-appealing to you? Let me tell you. They no longer fit. It’s last season’s style. You don’t have anything to wear with it. It’s too casual for the event. You wore it a couple times and now you’re over it. And so on. First of all, this is NORMAL! As women, we’re picky. We’re indecisive. And we’re hard to please. Why would that be any different when it comes to our clothes? There are several solutions DANI’S offers for this issue.

Words of advice from Dani ~ As a woman-owned business, we have these same struggles. Which is why we know how to help! Find style tips posted daily on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Try your hand at repurposed clothing how-tos and more on our Pinterest Page. Shop the most current styles in store & conveniently from our weekly Trend Racks. 

Time ~ Clean and organized racks help you shop with ease! All departments are clearly labeled for your shopping pleasure, so when you’re on the hunt for something special, finding it quickly is essential!

Words of advice from Dani ~ Listen, I know how it is. You’re busy. You work, you have to stop and pick up a few things to complete dinner, you’re shopping on your lunch break or just before having to pick up the kids. The time you’re going to save by shopping our neat & organized store is better spent taking care of YOU and your family! If you just can’t seem to find the time to stop in, that’s okay too! Conveniently shop online here or directly from our mobile app.  All online orders are eligible for FREE in store pick up or $5 Shipping. See our website for more shipping info.

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