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*** HAVE YOU HEARD?? ***

DANI’S is makin’ moves and popping up in a town near you!

Our Sellersville location will be closing July 28, 2018.

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The Basics:

We are so excited to introduce to you, our very own Closet Maintenance Bag! The new & convenient solution to selling your items to DANI’S for cash or store credit! Purchase your reusable Closet Maintenance Bag today for $14.99 and start cashing in!

How it works

Once you purchase a CM bag, that bag is now registered to your account. Your bag will be shipped directly to the provided address for you to start maintaining your closet! Every CM Bag purchase includes the following: A large, heavy duty, reusable Closet Maintenance Bag, CM Bag Instruction Guide, a red SAVE card, a green DONATE card, your CM account card, along with VIP seller access!

When you receive your CM Bag: start adding your trendy, unwanted ladies apparel, shoes, handbags & other fashion accessories. Once it’s filled to your liking, drop it off at DANI’S in Sellersville. Place it in our exclusive CM Bag drop off bin for processing. 

Once your CM Bag has been processed, you will get a notification via our app, that your cash and store credit offers are waiting in your inbox! So be sure your notifications are turned on! Your offer must be accepted or declined within 3 days of sending your ‘CM Buy Out Offer’ email. Offers are based on many factors, some of which include: condition, age, style, demand and designer. You are not required to accept an offer from DANI’S. However, our offers are non-negotiable. They are ‘all or nothing’, ‘take it or leave it’. If an offer is declined, both cash and store credit offers are voided and no longer available. If you change your mind, your CM Bag must be resubmitted for processing and your new offers may differ from the initial offers. 

Accepting a cash offer – Upon accepting the cash offer, your cash (or check) can be picked up at DANI’S in Sellersville, requested via PayPal (PayPal fees may apply), or request a mailed check ($1 fee).

Accepting a store credit offer – Upon accepting the store credit offer, your credit will immediately be applied to your CM account card and can be used toward purchases right away! Start shopping in-store, online, in-app AND through our First Dibs Facebook Shopping Group!

Declining an offer – If neither cash nor store credit offer satisfies you, you may choose to decline both offers. All items will be placed back in your CM Bag for you to pick up within 2 days of declining offers.

Once your CM Bag has been processed appropriately and an offer has been accepted, the return of your bag is based on whether you requested to have your NTYs saved or donated. The quickest and most convenient method is to donate NTYs.


What to include in your CM Bag –

                New & Gently used trendy clothing, shoes, handbags, & fashion accessories.

Home décor may also be included, however please take appropriate measures to ensure it remains safe.

What not to include in your CM Bag –

                Glass and other Fragile items (dishes, glassware, vases, mirrors, picture frames, etc.)

                Liquids (perfume, lotion, body sprays, etc.)

                Sharp objects (knives, utensils, any item containing a blade, etc.)

Closet Maintenance Save & Donate cards –

These cards let us know what you would like us to do with the items that don’t meet our buying guidelines.

Donating your NTYs – If you wish to have DANI’S kindly donate the unwanted items to one of the local charities we work with, include the green DONATE card in your bag.  Once an offer is accepted, your CM Bag will then be quickly shipped back to you for your next closet cleanout! A donation receipt will be prepared for your generous donation and included in the return of your CM Bag.

Saving ALL NTYs – If you prefer to have DANI’S save all the unwanted items for you to pick up, include the red SAVE card in your bag. The NTYs will then be put back into your CM Bag for you to retrieve from our Sellersville location, within 2 days of accepting your offer.

Saving ONE NTY – If there is one particular item you would like saved, simply tie the red SAVE card to that one item. If that item is not accepted to purchase, it will be put back in your CM Bag for you to retrieve within 2 days of accepting your offer. All other NTYs will be donated. If that item is accepted for purchase by DANI’S and an offer is accepted, the others will be donated and your CM Bag will be quickly shipped back to you for your next closet cleanout!

**Note** – If neither the green DONATE or red SAVE cards are in your CM Bag when processed, all unwanted items will be donated and we will follow the steps of the green DONATE card.


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